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Smilebox - Bad Billing Experience
They don't notify you when your account is coming up for renewal and charge your credit card without authorization. Who remembers this stuff - Smilebox should be doing it as good customer service, so that if a person doesn't want the product for another year they have...
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I signed up with Smilebox about 04/11/17, I was unable to use the program as my content that was just a 4 pictures would not fit in the box, Smilebox has very little information on how to do, soon I became frustrated and decided it wasn't worth it, so I cancelled the...
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Regina ekmore

This is the most unprofessional company I have ever dealt with you refuse to stop charging and taking people's money for your unnecessary services and it should be illegal and...

I didn't like
  • Billing practices
  • Being charged one year later after cancelling account

My wife used this service for her fathers funeral notices. She didn't notice the auto-renewal comments and doesn't recall anything about a $47.66 renewal charge on the anniversary of her fathers departure. We received no notice of a pending renewal. On the anniversay...
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I didn't like
  • Illegal charges without my permission
Smilebox continues criminal behavior when they take a single transactional event and towards the products they offer and turn into a subscription that you can't cancel with your credit card company. Capital One has credited my account for 12 months but continues to...
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Do not sign up with Smilebox. They will continually charge your credit card w/o permission for years unless you cancel your card. They will refuse to refund your money they 't...

Fed Up

Only way to stop them is to cancel your card. We shutdown our credit card due to a credit card theft in another state this past Sept '14. This is when we found out that Smileb...